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We offer detox programmes including diet sheets, recipes, menu planners, food lists and supplements. If followed correctly, a detox addresses low energy levels, improves body function, helps weight loss, improves healthy ageing and sleep and gives the liver a kick start, thus reducing the toxic load in the body.  Our 14 day detox gives the body a rest from the normal routine and allows it to dump toxins and rejuvinate. The programme really makes you look at your diet differently  and once you feel better and sleep better you will be less inclined to bring back those bad habits.

Our Registered Nurse has  had years of experience and is now  an advanced detox practitioner. She will guide you through the easy-to-follow, tried-and-tested programme. Each Detox programme includes:

  • Food List - A list of all the foods you can eat whilst on the detox programme.
  • Juice recipes -  Delicious juice recipes for your liquid only days.
  • Food recipes - Delicious food recipes to help you plan your menu.
  • Menu Planners - This gives you some ideas about how to plan your diet. It is split into days 1-6, days 7-9 and days 10-14.
  • Additional soup recipes for days 7-9 - Delicious soup recipes to help you plan your menu.
  • Shopping list -  A list of foods and where to buy them in case you're struggling to find them.
  • Supplement protocol - This explains which supplements to take, when and how much. All supplements are included.
  • FAQ - This will cover any questions you may have but we are also available to talk via phone at any time through your detox.
  • You will also receive a medical symptoms questionnaire, toxin exposure questionnaire and data collection sheets all which will be explained to you on your first appointment.


14 Day detox, including all supplements - £150

14 Day detox as above including 3 colonic irrigation treatments with coffee enemas to detox the liver - £330


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