Vitamin Infusions (Drips)

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What is a vitamin infusion or vitamin drip?

Intravenous (IV) nutrition is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into your bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system is the main advantage of IV nutrition; when substances are given orally they must be processed through the stomach and the intestines.

Vitamin-mineral immune boosting can play a role in helping you move toward optimal health. Often because of excessive stress, illness or nutritional deficiencies vitamin-mineral, amino acids, and other natural agents are used up or diminished and are therefore no longer available or ready to support the needs of the immune system in protecting, preventing and fighting illness. In such cases fully relying on the oral vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients arriving immediately may just be ineffective unless you are prepared to ingest huge amounts of them daily.

The infusions are also really helpful in providing essential nutrients to individuals with mal-absorption and digestive system problems, as they are directly introduced to the blood stream.

They have been shown to work directly on problems with great rapidity and can even stimulate and support optimal function of the immune system. We believe it to be by far the most streamlined method for treating nutritional, health, stress and daily effects on the body and mind.

All Vitamin Infusions and Injections at Central Healthcare are prescribed by our in house Doctor and given by our RGN Specialist Nurse.

Doctors appointment

If you are unsure which vitamin infusion is best for you and would like to speak to a Doctor we can arrange 30 minute pre-infusion check-up via phone or Skype.

Price: £150

We have  different vitamin infusions to choose from which are listed  in the menu below. See which one specifically fits your requirements and if you are unsure please don't hesitate to give us a call 0191 222 0100.

High C - Plump up skin immediately!          

Benefits: Immune system and skin.


This infusion contains high doses of Vitamin C which is one of the primary building blocks o the body and all its cells.

When should I have this? If you feel you're about to become ill and can't afford to take time off. Or if you need glowing skin for tonight! This one is fabulously good for cellular regeneration.


High C skin and immune boost infusion

Benefits: Boosts the immunity and increases the body's strength the fight against infections

This infusion contains a high dose of vitamin C combined with vitamins and minerals to increase immunity and energy levels

Price: £227


Fit-amin Infusion

This is our most popular vitamin infusion.
Benefits: immune boosting and a surge of energy                               

Price: £227 

Fit-amin provides a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support and strengthen the immune system. An ideal solution if you’re surrounded by illness, and can’t afford the time to be caught out by a cold! Good for energy maintenance, vitality , immunity and detox.The health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including heart problems, high cholesterol levels, eye disorders, and skin disorders. Most vitamins also facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which are not performed by any other nutrients.


Fitness Infusion

 Benefits: Athletic performance and weight loss

 Price: £235

 Provides cellular rehydration and great energy support. Contains amongst other amazing vitamins and minerals L- Carnitine. L Carnitine is an amino acid used  for weight loss as it encourages fat to burn more efficiently. It is also used for heavy physical training schedules,  it helps prevent aches and pains the next day.



Cellular Support Infusion

Benefits: Designed to give you lots of energy and boost your immune system.

This drip contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium and zinc to boost your immune system and your energy levels.

Price: £189


Diet and Detox Infusion

Benefits: Weight Loss and increases metabolism

Price: £235

Specifically designed to boost metabolism and energy, detoxify  your vital organs, encourages the elimination of excess body fat and much more.


Regenerate your skin

Promotes anti-aging, energise, immunise and support
Benefits: Anti aging, helps reduce fine lines  and wrinkles

Price: £235

This infusion not only gives your skin all the vitamins and minerals it requires, but also provides an energy and immunity boost for the body.

Baby face contains all the benefits of the Fit-amin infusion , with an additional cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support and strengthen the immune system and anti ageing. This energiser will help you to look on top of the world and enjoy great skin.


Rehydration Infusion

Benefits: to energise and rehydrate

Price: £157

Very few among us have never dealt with the pain of the morning after the night before. We’ve really looked long and hard for a way to help you out – not to keep partying, because that’s just bad for you in the long run; but to feel better ASAP.

Alcohol is a diuretic. So each drink not only dehydrates you, but along with the loss of water you lose the availability of the water soluble vitamins. This means that you suddenly end up short of, among others, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

In particular vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), folic acid, B6 and B12 help to combat the symptoms of a hangover and vitamin B12 plays an important role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Secondly, alcohol is a toxin and can directly impact on body tissues particularly the nervous system. This infusion contains an electrolyte solution , vitamin B12 and  B complex to help you overcome the hangover effect.

Hair and Nails growth Infusion

Benefits: Provides the best support to grow hair and nails

A combination of B vitamins with vitamin C and injections of Biotin and Bepanthene to help promote growth of hair and nails.

Price: £189


Skin Lightening Infusion                                                          

Benefits: Inhibits the production of melanin giving lighter skin

Price : Starts at £140 price increases with the levels of glutathione and vitamin C in drip

Glutathione and vitamin C infusion to inhibit the production of melanin and give a lighter  more even skin tone, this involves a course of infusions over several weeks or months.


Amino Acids, Mitochondrial, hormonal Balance Infusion

Benefits: Hormonal balance, energy , healing and repair

price: £267

Amino Acids are vital for the body they are good for recovery, weight loss and energy restoring. Having a vitamin drip with amino acids helps  immediately.

20% of the human body is made up of protein. Protein plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and amino acids make protein.

Amino Acids work all over the body, for example:

  • A large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue is made up of amino acids, so they give cells their structure.
  • They also play a key role in the transport and the storage of nutrients.
  • They influence the function of organs, glands, tendons and arteries.
  • They are essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones, skin and hair;
  • They remove of all kinds of waste deposits produced in connection with the metabolism

 This is a drip recommended for those undergoing hormonal changes, post surgery healing  and those wishing to maintain athletic performance combined with nutrition.


If you have any questions or require help in choosing which infusion or injection is best for you at this time please call us on 0191 222 0100 or email

We prepare our own formulas tailored to specific client needs and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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