Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful?

No, you should feel no pain for the duration of the treatment.

Am I OK to leave the clinic straight after my treatment?

Yes, however you are welcome to relax for as long as you wish in our comfortable waiting area with a glass of water or herbal tea.

Is colonic hydrotherapy safe?

Yes we have been practising the treatment for over 14 years with fully qualified, experienced nurses. All equipment used in the treatment is single client use and disposable.

What happens during the treatment? What do I have to do?

Simply lie on your left side and relax. A small tube will be inserted into your rectum which you will probably not feel as a special lubricating gel is used to aid comfortable insertion. Your nurse will gently massage your stomach to aid the removal of waste matter.

Should I avoid certain foods before my treatment?

No. Unless you are already on a detox programme, there is no need to fast before the treatment or change your diet in any way. We do advise however to try and drink plenty of water the day of your colonic and the days preceding. Your practitioner will advise you on diet and nutrition after your first treatment.

How can I expect to feel after the treatment?

Most likely, you'll feel great. Probably you'll feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well-being. As soon as the colonic is finished you can carry on with your daily routine. For some, the colonic may trigger several subsequent bowel movements for the next few hours, but there won't be any uncontrollable urgency or discomfort. For others it takes a few days before the bowel moves again after a colonic.

Is there a special kind of water used for colonic hydrotherapy?

We use highly filtered water, which passes through separate filters before being heated to the correct temperature. This kind of water is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon because of its drawing effect on solid particles, chemicals and other matter. Tap water is not used because it already has numerous chemicals and inorganic substances present.

Will one colonic completely empty the colon?

Almost never. Many of us have a considerable amount of impacted faeces in our colon even if we move our bowels daily. Each colonic moves some of the waste and each time the water is able to flush further into the colon to aid the cleansing process how many colonics you choose to have and how often depends upon your personal objectives and will be discussed at your consultation.

Will it make the bowel lazy?

No, it is actually an exercise for the bowel. Stimulation, contraction and relaxation will help tone and reshape the colon to aid incomplete elimination.

Will it wash out all the good bacteria?

This is a very common misconception. Yes, the colonic will wash out some good bacteria as it will also wash out lots of bad bacteria. But after the colonic your bowel will be cleaner and healthier. The good bacteria will reproduce; the bad bacteria will be reduced. In a healthy person the good bacteria will completely reproduce itself within two to three days. Probiotics may be recommended if it seems appropriate. You'll be left with a clean bowel at the end of the treatment.

I am on my period. Should I come for my treatment?

It can actually be a very good time for a colonic as it will help release the waste. So for most clients we say it is best to come even when on your period.

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