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Central Healthcare is a  nurse led colonic irrigation clinic, specialising in colonic irrigation (hydrotherapy), vitamin infusions & injections, food intolerance testing, dietary advice, colon massage, herbal implants and enemas. Our modern and contemporary clinic which is situated in Newcastle upon Tyne has been bespoke designed to offer the highest standards in comfort, hygiene, privacy and dignity; all of which are important when choosing to book a treatment such as colonic irrigation. We have highly trained colonic nurses offering a professional service in an environment to match. Our nurses have had years of experience both in nursing (RGN) and colonic irrigation and receive regular updates in education. We pride ourselves on offering is a quality, confidential and individual service to each client.

We have an association with the Infusion Clinic, based in Harley Street, London. We offer their fantastic selection of vitamin treatments here in Newcastle.  Previously these treatments have only been available in London so we are very privileged to be offering them to our clients here in the North East. Our specialist nurse Gill Brooks has been nursing for 30 years and has been Harley Street trained to administer the infusions and injections. Gill works closely with the London clinic. All vitamin treatments are prescribed by our Doctor then administered by our RGN Trained Nurse, Gill Brooks.                                                          

Jean Brooks and Gill Brooks

Pictured: Central Healthcare nurses, Jean Brooks and Gill Brooks.

Why use Central Healthcare?

  • We are a specialist clinic for colonic irrigation and detoxification with over 14 years of experience in colonic therapies.
  • Our nurses recommend individual, bespoke treatment programmes for each client; this achieves the best results as each person is an individual and in a different state of health.
  • We are highly trained with many years' experience.
  • All contact equipment is single use and disposable.
  • We operate in a modern, contemporary and comfortable environment.
  • We offer individual treatment plans.
  • All of our staff have excellent skills in advising in diet and nutrition.
  • Our staff are trained in colon massage and pressure points.
  • We have options of herbal implants and enemas, in addition to the treatment, to achieve the best possible detox for your body.
  • We use a natural and comfortable gravity fed system to achieve the best results.

At Central Healthcare we take a more medical approach than most other clinics and centres. This page explains in detail the process of what happens from the moment an appointment is booked and makes it clear why we believe we are innovative and unique.

This is why we believe we offer you a better service:

Online medical questionnaire

Unlike most centres, we ask in advance of your appointment, for a full medical questionnaire that you complete online in your own time. This is very important for the following reasons:

We check in advance if you have any contraindications, that is anything that would deem you unsuitable for the treatment – if this is the case we call you and save you time that would otherwise be wasted traveling to our clinic.

Apart from checking for contraindications, the medical questionnaire is a very comprehensive collection of information about your medical history, your diet and your lifestyle: we want to understand why you are seeking the treatment, what bothers you or what you are trying to achieve: we are not just giving you a treatment, we want to understand how we can best help you to achieve your objectives: as soon as we receive the questionnaire, we check all the information and begin to paint a picture of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish – by asking all the general questions upfront, we can dig deeper into your specific situation once you come to Central Healthcare for your appointment.

Health and lifestyle consultation

Most centres and therapists incorporate some form of consultation time in the first visit: please make sure you do your research and check that this is a real consultation and not just completing paperwork (which at Central Healthcare, you have already done prior to your visit online). When you get to Central Healthcare for your appointment, your nurse has already examined your questionnaire and there is no further paperwork to fill in, so the consultation is about understanding your condition and your needs at a deeper level, so that we can help you best achieve your objectives.

We will invite you for a lifestyle consultation during which we will review your full medical history as well as the lifestyle questionnaire. During the consultation process we will establish together with you a programme to help you achieve your objectives in a suitable time frame.

The other objective of the lifestyle consultation is to increase your awareness on the importance and benefits of regular cleansing so that you will leave informed and empowered to take ownership of your health as well as choose to make better decisions pertaining to your wellbeing. We believe this is very important.

Colon hydrotherapy treatment

We allocate one hour for the treatment which is not the case in some clinics. We use a gravity fed system of colonic irrigation and all contact equipment is disposable. Our research over the years has shown that clients find this method the most comfortable and it is extremely effective in eliminating the waste. There is no pressure from a machine pumping water in so the colon is less likely to spasm, which gives pain, and does not allow for effective waste release. Most people feel very little, and indeed sometimes ask when are you starting the water? when we have actually been going for several minutes! We stay with you throughout the treatment and massage the colon and treat pressure points to aid effective releases. We spend as much time as is necessary with each client to give the best treatment possible we do not believe in rushing and like the client to be relaxed we have pillows and blankets to aid your comfort.

Post treatment nutritional support & dietary advice

As soon as you finish your treatment, we will offer you a drink with a probiotic supplement and we will do a review of your session. You will leave Central Healthcare with a personalised dietary and lifestyle plan to help you achieve your objectives. If needed, we have some products available for you to purchase to help you rebalance your gut flora or to further enhance the detoxification process.

Lifetime after-care phone and email support from your dedicated nurse

Additional medical diagnostic tests

We offer a range of medical diagnostic tests which may be of benefit to some clients such as food intolerance testing, FOB and coeliac disease testing; this allows us to offer an all round holistic approach to those clients with medical problems.

It is important to point out here that we are exclusively dedicated to colon hydrotherapy. This means that at any time you can email us or call us and ask to speak to your dedicated nurse. We are always here to help you with any question that you may have. We may be busy with other clients right at the time of your call, but we will call you back at our earliest convenience to help with whatever is going on.

This is why we see thousands of clients every year. This is why over 80% of our clients have been coming to us for years and on a regular basis.

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